Should I Send My Child To Therapy

Should I Send My Child To Therapy

Are you wondering, should I send my child to therapy? This post will give you all the answers you need about adolescent therapy and whether it could be beneficial to your child. Read on to learn more about sending a child to therapy.

When It’s Important To Seek Help For Your Loved One

There are many times when it’s important to seek help for a loved one. If your child is showing any of the signs and symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety, it may be time to invest in adolescent therapy and to see a professional and licensed therapist near you wherever you may live.

It’s not uncommon for children, adolescents and teens to need a little additional help through psychotherapy. Be aware and consider psychotherapy when you begin to see these common signs below which can often indicate trauma or an underlying depression or anxiety.

Signs That Your Child May Need Support

  • lack of interest in things your child used to love to do
  • isolation from friends and family
  • a drop in grades
  • inability to pay attention
  • drug and alcohol experimentation
  • angry outbursts
  • sleep disturbances or sleeping more frequently
  • not caring for oneself and personal hygiene

Signs That Your Child Should Get Help Immediately

  • self harm and cutting
  • suicidal thoughts and expression of wishes to harm him or herself
  • drug use and alcoholism
  • violence and fights
  • severe depression, anxiety and isolation
  • inability to cope

Finding the right therapist is key to helping your family through this difficult time. There are so many benefits of psychotherapy, it’s important to seek help for your child when it’s needed.

Caroline B Goldberg is a psychotherapist with offices in Wayne New Jersey and Highland Park. You can learn more about her services and practice on this page here.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Good Therapy

Never underestimate the power of good therapy and a great therapist. If you or your child needs help, it’s important to honor that and seek help before spiraling out of control.

Therapy can ease some of your child’s worries and lead to a happier, healthier and more productive future.

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