Specialized Trauma Therapist In Highland Park NJ

Caroline B Goldberg is a specialized trauma therapist who sees patients in both Highland Park, NJ and Wayne. Our experienced Highland Park trauma therapy clinic can help you move through your traumatic events and live a better life.


Effective Counseling For Trauma, PTSD, CPSTD & More

Each client is unique. And every one of our clients who have experienced trauma will adapt to traumatic events differently. Caroline B. Goldberg offers a compassionate and effective path towards healing from trauma. Through her specialized approach, patients find a safe space to confront and process their experiences.

Goldberg employs evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, and somatic experiencing to address trauma’s complex effects on the mind and body.

Being Heard Is Central To Healing


Central to Goldberg’s method is fostering a trusting therapeutic relationship, where clients feel understood and supported as they navigate their journey to recovery. By exploring the roots of trauma and its manifestations in their lives, patients gain insight into their emotions and behaviors, empowering them to develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Goldberg’s expertise in trauma-informed care and individual therapy services ensures that therapy sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs, promoting a sense of agency and empowerment in the healing process. Ultimately, therapy with Caroline B. Goldberg offers a pathway towards reclaiming one’s sense of self-worth, resilience, and inner peace in the aftermath of trauma.

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