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Does Therapy Really Help?

Are you wondering does therapy really help? Well in this post we will go over this question and give you some great information on why you may want to consider therapy services for yourself or a loved one.

Many People Deal With Mental Health Challenges

There are a bunch of statistics out there; most concur that a person will be affected by someone with mental illness. According to the Mental Health Foundation, twenty percent of adults in the United States will have some form of mental illness.

There is an abundance of evidence that suggests that Therapy, primarily behavioral and cognitive, can improve a person’s life and personal outlook. The significant issue here is getting the people the help they need while at the same time convincing those who need Therapy to seek psychiatric medicine.

In effect, Therapy does help people recover, couples and families heal, and process events that may have caused trauma.

Who needs Therapy?

Behavioral Health Therapy is a term that covers a broad range of therapy types that help with the treatment of mental health disorders. This form of Therapy helps to identify any potentially harmful behavioral patterns and hopefully help correct them for the individual seeking treatment.

There are several different forms of Therapy; here is a list of five well-known types of treatment:

  • Behavioral – Changes behavior through observation and the use of proper reinforcement.
  • Cognitive – Identifies and changes destructive thought patterns.
  • Humanistic – Emphasizes the person.
  • Integrative – Introduces strategies from two more types of Therapy.
  • Psychodynamic – Examines significant patterns and past events.

Is Therapy for everyone?

The truth is yes, everyone could use a third-party authority that provides a perspective outside the discussed situation. There is scientific proof that talking about one’s problems, challenges in life, and significant others, can help a person process the world around them and talk things out.

As for professional help, this is a matter of mental health illness severity. Some cases of trauma need adequate levels of treatment that only a professional would be able to diagnose and treat. Some of these cases will require a person to take medication to help correct the imbalances that occur during trauma.

But the bottom line is this. Whether you suffer from a mood disorder, have anxiety problems or if you just want to bounce some questions off of a psychotherapist near you in your local area, therapy does have may positive benefits.

How can Therapy help an individual?

For many people, there has been some exposure to trauma at some point in their life, and in most cases, the trauma was inflicted upon them. There are programs for victims of violence that will use horses to help the patient find peace and feel a bonding with a loving animal. These sorts of connections will free a person to find other similar relationships, hopefully with other humans.

In other cases, having a person there to hear their side of the story or their point of view on things or simply knowing who they are is enough. Many seek bondage, friendships, and someone to communicate with and see regularly. Therapy can help build a person back up from all the hits life has thrown and remind them of how they can do it.

Then in some of the more severe cases, medication may be the only option. Certain illnesses, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, or depression, will need the medicine or medical attention required to help the patient with the disease entirely. This can be determined by first seeking therapy, being referred to a psychologist, and being officially diagnosed.

How can someone find a therapist?

There are a few ways to seek a therapist that is right for the individual. The most secure way is to contact your general practitioner or family doctor about mental health needs, and they will refer you to a specialist; often, the therapist will be in the same neighborhood.

Another way is to do a simple search for therapists in your area and call them to find out if they will be a good fit. There are also online therapy options for those unable to find time to leave home after work or find time at all.

Final thoughts: Does Therapy Really Help?

Taking care of one’s mental health is essential, as with taking care of any other aspects of a person’s health, some steps need to be taken for recovery. Therapy can help just about anyone with their issues, even if all that can be provided is the trained ear of a mental health professional, along with a knowing and caring word or more.

Take the time to find the right help; as with anything, do the research and be sure of your choices. If you’re looking for an excellent individual therapist that also offers couples and teen therapy sessions, you may want to consider Caroline Goldberg. You can learn more about her services here and contact her with your question.

We hope you now understand the answer to your question does therapy really help and wish you all the best.