Searching for a therapist is an important step in attempting to improve the quality of one's life with regard to the inevitable problems we all face, such as relationship to oneself, and others, work/career issues, crises, personal goals, or the search for meaning in our lives. I am deeply committed to a collaborative approach to helping people find more productive ways of coping, make important decisions, sort out confusing and overwhelming feelings, and uncover obstacles and self-destructive patterns that interfere with living more satisfying lives.

Clients find my style to be warm, genuine, emphatic, and interactive. A sense of humor about oneself and a curiosity about life go a long way in developing relationships and finding one’s way through a particular problem.  A most crucial part of psychotherapy is the bond that develops between the therapist and the patient, couple, or family seeking treatment. I believe the capacity to be very thoughtful, open and frank, and solution oriented, when needed, help create a safe place to speak about very personal matters.



Call for an appointment: 201-970-7617.  Therapy Sessions are available in Northern and Central New Jersey.

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